Testimonial - Ascent Construction, Inc.

“All SWPP site preparations and maintenance, site demolition, site utilities, all building pad prep., footings and foundation prep, entrance roads and parking lot prep and paving, curb and gutter/sidewalk prep. were among the initial contract scopes of work. Nelco's clean, safe and efficient company standards became contagious and impressed not only myself, but influenced other contractors; to the point that they subcontracted Nelco to perform excavation work in their scope, that actually improved on the overall schedule.

Only one example—working through a late day storm and one of the heaviest winters on record, I contacted Nelco to see what the possibilities were to clear heavy snow from a rear access to the project. At 5am the next morning Nelco had two operators and two heavy pieces of equipment removing snow to make way for a previously scheduled, 100-ton crane set. The project remained on schedule due to Nelco's ability and willingness to, 'Always go the extra mile.'

Nelco Contractors' excellent communication and unlimited resources proved priceless in the success of this combined effort project. Either from extremely fast proposal request responses from Nelco's excellent office support, or my occasional, ‘untimely’ requests in the field, help was always put on top priority. Nelco's character and business integrity is an extremely rare attribute and is unmatched in the industry.

I absolutely have no hesitation in giving Nelco Contractors, Inc. my highest mark. And, I would welcome any and all inquiries as such. I truly look forward to working with Nelco Contractors' professional team in the future. In conclusion and in my view, Nelco Contractors, Inc.: 'Always going the extra mile.'”

-Brent B. Malan, Project Superintendent, Ascent Construction, Inc.

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